What are your professional qualifications and how much experience do you have?

Since receiving a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Clemson University, Matthew has over 14 years of experience in tax and financial management. After becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and starting a tax and accounting business, he obtained the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designations. Matthew began his career as an investment advisor with a $17M large cap portfolio that had a cumulative return of 103% over 4.5 years, outperforming the S&P by 26% over the same time period. Meridian currently manages investments for approximately 100 clients.

What is your approach to wealth management?

Our approach to wealth management focuses on achieving clients’ goals and strategically allocating assets according to individual tolerance for risk – all while reducing costs and fees, minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing growth or income. We do not believe in one size fits all solutions and offer only personalized, comprehensive financial plans and investment strategies.

What services do you offer?

Meridian Investment Partners offers a variety of financial services that focus on the critical facets of building and maintaining wealth. Our specialties include wealth management, financial planning, retirement planning and tax strategy. 

Will you be the only person working with me or will I be handed off to another advisor?

All client investments are managed by the company’s Founder and Chief Investment Advisor, Matthew Fassnacht, who will be your contact for portfolio management matters. There is client service support as well, but our clients have direct access to Matthew. Your business will not be handed off to another, lesser credentialed advisor.

How are you compensated?

Meridian Investment Partners believes the only way to offer truly unbiased guidance is by avoiding commission based financial products. We are an independent fee-only firm, which means we charge a flat percentage of assets under management and our only incentive is to grow your investments.

If you are going to manage my account, will you obtain my permission every time you buy or sell something?

No. Once we establish the investment strategy, we will execute according to the agreed upon objectives.

Do you guaranteed any results?

No. It is not only impossible to predict how markets will perform, guaranteeing results from any investment is also a CFA ethical violation. We will provide clients with performance goals that we’ll be working to achieve over time.

How much risk should I be willing to take?

This depends on many factors including age, income, expenses, health, number of children and long term financial goals. During our first meeting, we will ask about a variety of factors, including those above, and we’ll work together to determine the appropriate level of risk.

Have you ever been charged with any breaches or violations?

No, the company nor its registered investment advisors have ever been charged with any breaches or ethical violations.

What financial institution(s) do you represent?

Meridian Investment Partners is an independent firm, so we do not represent any other financial institutions. All recommendations we provide are unbiased and based only on the client's best interest.

Do you provide a free initial consultation?

Yes, we are happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation at our office or an alternate location that is convenient for you.

What is a custodian, and who does Meridian Investment Partners use?

A custodian is a financial institution that holds customers' securities for safekeeping in order to minimize the risk of theft or loss. Since they are responsible for the safety of assets and securities that may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, custodians are large, reputable and closely monitored firms. 

Why should I choose you as my financial advisor?

There are several reasons:

  1. Knowledge, expertise and credentials (CPA, CFP, CFA) are among the strongest available for individual financial management.
  2. Extensive tax experience provides a holistic view of your portfolio in order to reduce expenses and maximize capital growth/preservation.
  3. We believe in complete transparency – from account access to custodial partners, you can feel secure knowing you have complete visibility.
  4. We are a performance focused firm that strives to maximize returns (according to your risk) and outperform benchmarks.
  5. We believe in minimizing expenses - this includes taxes and hidden fees associated with certain investment types.