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We Are A Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary Wealth Management Firm That Specializes In Investments and Minimizing Taxes 

Our Principal Adviser Matthew Fassnacht is a CFA Charterholder, Certified Public Account (CPA) and CFP who has been practicing as a Tax CPA since 2005. He has been managing $10M+ portfolios since 2003. He is an expert in helping people lower taxes, invest for greater after tax returns to maximize their assets for retirement and the benefit future generations.

Our approach to wealth management is based upon 3 key principles:<br/>

Our approach to wealth management is based upon 3 key principles:

1) Maximize Returns: We have a proven track record of outperforming comparable benchmarks, such as the S&P 500 (for aggressive investors).

2) Minimize Expenses: As a tax specialist, we understand how important it is to plan and manage taxes. For high income clients (individuals earning over $400k annually), taxes are their biggest expense. We have worked with many high income individuals with strategies to significantly reduce their taxes.  Additionally, we avoid investments such as mutual funds and annuities whose fees and commissions reduce potential returns.

3) Unbiased Guidance: We are an independent fee-only firm, so our interest is generating returns to grow your assets. Unlike broker dealer wirehouses like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Wells Fargo we are not influenced by shareholder agendas to push products or services detrimental to out clients interests. 

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